A bloody affair

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A bloody affair

The long search ended in a city council morgue where his lifeless body lay. The atmosphere of the morgue was rented with yells and shrieks from the kinfolk members. How could death rob us a young energetic and ambitious man who had a vision? This was totally unbelievable, that Claude was no more.Twoyears were not over since he wedded his gorgeous wife in a very colorful ceremony that was graced by the duchess of Cambridge. The fond memories of quality time had barely elapsed when he met his untimely demise. A myriad of questions with no answers ran through everyone’s mind. It was evident that Claude had been shot dead by some assailants. This was clearly evident as a bullet had been lodged into his chest, torn through his tender fresh leaving a hovel that was so scaring. His beloved wife of a year had not arrived at the scene. This was truly traumatizing, little did we know that behind the scenes were sum unearthed bitter truths that would leave everyone in awe.

Claude Kelvin was the most hard working young man I had known in my tender years. He was a jack of all trades and contrary to the wise Sayers he was also a master of many. Claude had spent all his life in the countryside with his parents who were large scale farmers. As a child, Claude was very bright in the school. In his fourth to seventh grade, he was always on the top in his class which made many teachers get fond of him. Claude was an exemplary student when it came to sciences. He always won prizes in the science congress that was held annually in his school. Claude was enrolled into St Johns high school where he worked to his level best and got as in all his papers. This landed him into the prestigious Harvard University where he enrolled for a degree in law.

During his stay at the Harvard, Claude met this lady Mary Brown with whom he fell in love. Mary was in the school of medicine and was a very beautiful and charming young lady. It all started as a friendship when Claude’s buddy, Johnson introduced him to Miss Brown. Within weeks, their friendship blossomed into love and they became one of the inseparable couples.Every party introduced the other to their families who gave them blessings. There were some rumors that ran about Mary but Claude gave a deaf ear. Some of her course mates speculated that she was a free mason but Claude had no space for such crap. His eyes were fixed on getting a happy ending with this beautiful lady he had known now for some years. Claude graduated a year before his lover and landed a job in the United States of America. This was quite a good start for this ambitious young man whose greatest wish as a student lawyer had always being fighting for the rights of the weak in the society.

During his stay in the United States, Mary was his constant visitor. One Monday morning, Claude rose up in the wee hours and readied himself to work. Mary had visited him the previous weekend and was to spend a week with him. During that morning, Mary had pleaded with him not to attend work but spend some time with her in the mansion Claude had recently bought. Claude however, managed to convince Mary that he could not afford to miss work. On his drive to work, Claude swerved off the road and hit a tanker that was parked on the roadside. The intensity of the bang sent the tanker blowing and the flames burnt Claude’s vehicleseverely and it was rendered completely written off. Claude escaped death by a whisker as some passers-by rushed him to hospital where he was admitted with severe burns on his limbs and deep cuts on his head.

It took Claudea year to recuperate from his injuries and luckily he never succumbed to his injuries. He was bedridden all this time and Mary was by his side always carrying out chores for him and feeding him. Claude was convinced beyond any reasonable doubt that this was the woman.............

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