50 minute lesson plan to teach modal verbs

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50 minute lesson plan to teach modal verbs

Lesson Plan

Date: 4th January, 2014

Level: Intermediate

Activity: Teaching of Model verb: The students will practice the use of modals through singing and games.

Skills: Speaking, Listening and writing.

Outcome expected: throughout the entire learning lessons, the students ought to identify diverse             modal verbs and the meaning that each of the verb convey: such as ability, suggestion,             obligation and necessity. The students are also expected to also construct grammatically             correct sentences that contain modals in the correct context. While the lesson still continues,             the teacher will also expect the students to rehearse the use of the modal verbs through             singing a song mashed up with modals verbs (Skocik & Weston, 2002 p. 67). The modals             verbs will entail in the construction of the lyrical part of the song hence making it possible             for the students to practice and convey the meaning of the verbs. Eventually, the teacher will             also require the students to play some of the ESL games that will further promote the             understanding of the modals verbs.

Resources needed for the lesson: The dictionary, board, marker, computers, data show, worksheets and speakers.

Introduction :


Intro-Warm up

“Using Modal verbs: an interactive presentation”


“The modal verb song”

Post Stage:

“Review on Modals Verbs”







In the introduction, the teacher will greet students, call out the roll call and inform the students that the lessons will entail of modal verbs.

The teacher will give examples of related modal verbs: Can, Can’t, Should, Shouldn’t, Might, Have to and Must(Gerngross, Puchta& Thornbury, 2007 p. 81)

The teacher will then offer a brief description of the three stages of the lesson.

The introduction:

In the introduction, the teacher will present a power point that will reveal modal verbs to the students.

While stage: The teacher will expect the students to sing along the modal verbs songs.

Post stage: The teacher will present the ESL games on modals verbs and expect students to take part in the games.

The teacher will present power point slides containing modal verbs. In the presentation, the explanation of the usage of the modal such as; Must Can Cannot, Must not, May not and May (Skocik & Weston, 2002 p. 78). The power point will also contain a brief description of the modal verbs. The meaning of each of the modal verbs will also entail of the main parts of the slides. Through the use of the L2 audio samples, the teacher will also give the correct pr.............

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