360 Degrees Feedback

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360 Degrees Feedback

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60 Degrees Feedback

360 degrees feedback is a process or system where employees are given anonymous and confidential feedback from individuals who work with an employee within the same work circle. This system is also known as multi source feedback, multi-rater feedback, or multi-source assessment.  In most cases, 360-degrees feedback includes feedback coming directly from an employee’s peers, subordinates, supervisors and also from self-evaluation (Lepsinger& Lucia, 2009). In this system a randomly selected number of employees, about eight to twelve in number are given the task of filling out a feedback form online. The form is usually anonymous and asks questions pertaining to competencies at workplace. The feedback form comprises of questions which are measured on a scale. In addition, the forms also ask raters to provide elaborate written comments. The person who is charged with the task of receiving the feedback is also expected to fill out a survey of himself which includes the similar survey questions which his peers and colleagues have answered in the forms.

Besides measuring employees’ competencies and behaviors, 360-degree feedback also provide feedback on how an employee is perceived by his colleagues and peers, addresses skills such as planning, listening and goal-setting, and also concentrates on objective areas such as character, teamwork, leadership effectiveness. Moreover, leaders and managers within organizations can also be able have a better understanding of their weaknesses and strengths by using 360 degree feedback survey. The method of 360 degrees feedback tabulates the results and is able to automatically present them in a format which can be implemented by the feedback recipient in coming up with a development plan and also map specific paths in their development. Responses from individuals are often put together with responses from other people who belong to the .............

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