Hunger Games Geography Paper

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Table of Contents

Introduction. 1

Human Geography. 1

Katniss the Provider 1

Peeta and Love. 2

Physical Geography and Landscape Dynamics. 2

Panem.. 2

District 12. 3

The Capitol 3

Ancient Rome culture representation in Panem.. 3

The nature of the Roman emperor was noted so does the culture. 4

Cultures of militarism and gender relations and identities. 4

Conclusion. 5

Reference. 6


The Hunter Games movie is the movie chosen for studies on human geography. The film is based on a movie by Suzanne Collins. The play setting is in Panem; one district in what was formerly North America. According to the movie, the region is led by the authoritarian-totalitarian type of leadership (Jennifer Lawrence, 2012). The name Panem is derived from a Latin phrase, with the literal meaning of bread and circuses. The name is provided to describe the governance of the time where people were fed to distract people’s attention from more important matters. The movie plot analysis revolves around teenage boys and girls aged between 12 and 18 years who must take part in annual televised sport/event. In this event, the participants are supposed to fight to the death until the last person survives who is crowned the winner. The winner is crowned with wealth and honor. The movie also describes race ethnicity and culture in the region (Henthorne, 2012). The movie is a mystery. Its settings are unspecified, but it is clearly before modernization era. The paper aims at exploring a nation during the post-apocalyptic era (Henthorne, 2012). The striking feature for that made this movie appealing its many references to the ancient Roman Empire. For instance, the actors names are from Rome e.g. Peeta, Katniss Everdeen just to name a few.

Human Geography

Katniss the Provider

Since the time that the demise of her dad in a terrible coal-mining mishap, Katniss has tackled the roles of a family leader. While Katniss’ mom was not able to adapt to the misfortune, falling into a profound sadness, Katniss stayed centered and assumed responsibility. Filling her dad’s shoes, she turned into the boss cook and bottle washer, bringing home the sustenance and wage that would spare the family from starvation (Simmons, 2012). Katniss depicts the methodology. While Katniss’ part as a supplier began inside the setting of her family, Katniss is a stable provider in the Coliseum also. Her defensive impulses stretch out to her partner from District 11, the young lady named Rue. The two imparted sustenance, garments, and friendship. Katniss clarifies that she collaborated with the young woman “because she’s a survivor, and I believe her, and why not let it out? (Simmons, 2012) She helps me to remember Prim” (15.28). The work of human geography is to support development, with the quality of this character this was very evident in the movie (Simmons, 2012).

Peeta and Love

At the point when Peeta Mellark is chosen as the tribute for District 12, all we truly think about him is that he’s a pastry specialist’s child, a smidgen enthusiastic (3.47). Katniss wishes he wasn’t the one picked as she contribute (2.23). Throughout the span of the movie, however, we discover that he had an enormous influence in helping Katniss’ family make due after her dad’s passing. For this, Katniss feels profoundly obliged to him (Pharr, Clark, Palumbo & Sullivan III, 2012). Peeta is additionally and totally infatuated with Katniss Everdeen. This is clear indication of human geography as of the case of the character.

Peeta’s character serves, now and again, as a differentiation to Katniss’s. Though she is a supplier and a survivor, Peeta is the exact inverse (Irwin, 2012). He’s very little of an outdoorsman, is in contact with his delicate side and originates from a world altogether different from Katniss’s. (His family, while they wind up eating stale bread, never goes hungry: they are of the more favored vendor class). As such, Peeta’s character aides create a considerable lot of the movie’s significant subjects: adoration, trust, class, and personality (Pharr, Clark, Palumbo & Sullivan III, 2012).

Physical Geography and Landscape Dynamics


Panem is the name of the nation where Katniss lives with her family, a nation that – after a progression of unclear fiascos – ascended from the cinders of North America (Irwin, 2012). Dry spells, tempests, flames, war: it’s all lovely post-prophetically catastrophic. We take ever, and the Hunger Games, and the thirteen areas in the first section from the leader. It is denoted that the uprising of the said district was called “Dull Days” (1.74). After the devastation of District 13, the Treaty of Treason was marked to end the contention, and the Hunger Games were organized to remind the geography that the uprising must never be rehashed (Curwood & Fink, 2013).

Suzanne Collins has said that Panem should be similar to antiquated Rome: “Panem itself originates from the Latin declaration ‘Panem et Circenses’ which deciphers into ‘Bread and Circuses'”. This term alludes to the strategies utilized by the Roman Empire to keep the masses upbeat and compliant by keeping their midsections full, and their brains entertained (Curwood & Fink, 2013)

District 12

Region 12 is an exceptionally poor coal-mining geography situated in the ar.............

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