19th Century Crime and Punishment in England

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19th Century Crime and Punishment in England

In London, the dispensation of justice has been of a great concern. Historically, there has been a lot of complains on the treatment of petty offenders from the low social classes in this country. While it is a common knowledge that felony is a small offense which does not cause a detrimental huge impact on a country’s economy, the way in which felony convicts have been punished has been so unfair. However, in most cases, such sentenceshave been made under the influence of the rich class.

During the 19th century, the London Police Court was manipulated by the rich to oppress the poor felon convicts. Despite being unjustified, this was done in order to protect the interests of the rich community. For instance, employers who were faced with cases of industrial action in their premises would greatly rely on the help of magistrates to restore sanity in their businesses. Similarly, the judicial process was used in favor ofemployers to help them to get rid of the workers involved in petty thefts(Universities of Hertfordshire, 1983).This.............

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