10 ThingsI wish I would

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10 ThingsI wish I would

  1. One of the things I wish I would have been told the quick rate at which time elapses. Time ran in a mysterious way and I felt that I did not do all the things that I wanted to do. I felt that I did not utilize my time properly in college and the moment I started getting very serious with the education was when time just diminished and High School time just went before me.
  2. Secondly, I wish someone advised me on what High School education is all about so that I could integrate my wishes in my studies. I could not figure out the reality of High School because all the things I wished to do such as avoiding the cold and joining music club were limited with time. I further thought that I would visit many places in School but time as well as school programs could not allow me to.
  3. Additionally, I wish I was advised to start preparing earlier so that I could have gotten the best results possible but the reality hit me on the face. I would always tell myself that examinations are not anywhere near and that I would begin my studies when exams are just around the corner. My late preparation for examinations turned out sour because I did not get the best results I ever wished for.
  4. Furthermore, I was blatantly honest with myself because I could do something in High School simply because someone else was doing but not because I genuinely loved the acts. Groups and most of the discussions I engaged myself into were not constructive as they seemed while I was in high School.
  5. I also wished someone would haveadvised me to relax my brain as a way of.............

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